Thursday, April 19, 2007

Only positive things

Some time ago, I made a half conscious, and half unconscious resolution that I will basically refer to positive things coming from positive emotions in what I write. I have my share of rage and sometimes very fierce criticisms, but I reserve them for the medium of air. I just say it, and let it pass. When you write it down, it remains, and with the passage of time begins to stink. Positive things age into maturity, but negative things deteriorate and leave a bitter aftertaste. I recommend this differential usage of media for anyone with passion, both positive and negative or otherwise.


Anonymous said...

It's not White Magic!

Anonymous said...

You are a dying magician.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry my bad English.

I think being positive is to always believe in your own mercifulness
and strength of the mind.
And, I think the positive emotions are kept alive
as long as someone believes that they are there in you.
I believe that the positive emotions brings happiness.

Therefore, I do not think that it is negative thing that you get
angry to improve the world.

Anonymous said...

I have received always positively

susie said...

I, too, write positive things in my blog, my window to the outer world. I limit the place and people to share negative things.