Sunday, April 22, 2007


I met with Mr. Yukio Sakamoto, CEO of Elpida Memory Inc. for interview in "The Professionals" program that I host with Ms. Miki Sumiyoshi for NHK. Mr. Sakamoto's miraculous turning around of the once struggling company is well known.

One of the things that Mr. Sakamoto said and impressed me deeply during the shooting was the necessity to have a clear image for the future. Of course we know that the future is in fact unpredictable, Mr. Sakamoto said. All the same, we do need to have an idea of what kind of person (or company) we would like to be in, say, five years.

The here and now is the only controllable element in life. However, in order to live the here and now fully, we need to have an envisioned future for the guidance. It is admittedly a temporary, mocked-up future, which may not turn out to be the case, but we need to have that vision. And in order to make the vision good, we need to conduct a hard study, think deep, and take action after actions.

This strong urge to envision the future might be one of the key components of a successful entrepreneur. It is also necessary for anyone who cares for the development of his or her own career, coping with the unavoidable in life, but still sailing defiantly towards the promised island of his or her own choice. To know for a fact that the future is unpredictable is compatible with being a self-determined visionary.


LINUS said...

Good mornig Dr.Mogi, the most powerful futurist in Japanese academic scene. I don't want to be a interpreunar. But I want to gain may careers. So I made optimistic future image in which I can speak, read, and comprehense English like natives.

I also hope Dr.Mogi to Introduce Japanese academic " main culture".

Keis said...

Speaking of future,it is not something that someone gives you, it is something that you build with your own will, not others.
That is the most important thing when you face the future. It is up to you whether you make it treasure or trash.
All it takes is your guts and courage to open up a door to the future. Of course, there will be hardship that faces you in the way. But hardship is not a discouraging hurdle which most people take it as such, however, is a sign of progress that you are making towards the future.

susie said...

I'm impressed by your comment "in order to live here and now fully, we need to have an envisioned future for the guidance." I already have a short-term plan but I need a clear image of myself five years from now.

japanese positiv thinking said...

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute! You ain't heard nothin' yet!"
by the jazz singer

Victoria said...

It is always interesting to me how many different philosophies or techniques will mesh together, will dovetail, or just reflect one another. This sounds like the simple saying "follow your dreams", or "never give up". I too am a happy "victim" of this technique of envisioning the future. For years, even though I believed it was barely possible, I held on to a vision of myself in the future. Today everything is in place and my beautiful journey will begin in the fall. Without relenquishing my desire, I was able to steadily move toward it in many small actions. Dr. Mogi, your observations are always surprising in their truth and beauty, like seeing a gold carp suddenly surface in a pond.