Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Under cover

I experienced my first snow of this winter in the northern town of Yamagata, which I am visiting as one of the judges for the students' graduation work competition in the Tohoku University of Art and Design (TUAD). Mr. Tatsuo Miyajima, the renowned artist of digital magic, kindly invited me to this occasion. Mr. Miyajima is the vice president of the University.

Since I came to Yamagata yesterday, people have been mentioning the unusually warm winter, on the taxi, on campus, in the museum. The snow flakes, which started to fall from the sky as I watched out of the hotel window this morning, came as a relief and brought a sense of return to the normal.

As the white fall covered everything from the grounds to roads and roofs, for as far as I could see, I pondered on the soothing power of the "cover".

Leonard da Vinci famously drew a "see through" illustration depicting the various anatomical features of a man and a woman in the act of love making. A romantic sentiment thrives on things deeply buried under the surface, being enthralled by and drawn to hidden enigmas and the slightest hints.

Being hidden is not a patent of the immortals. The omnipotent thrives in its glory for the very reason that its essence and substance is eternally under cover.

We cannot live with unsolved mysteries. There is an essential nourishment for the soul in everything hidden. The incidental snowfall brought the much needed enlightenment to the world down under and myself.


Musashino Plains Roming Association said...

While reading your sentences, suddenly I remembered I heard the sound of snowflakes falling on the piled snow on the ground... It was in at a nighttime and probably my first experience with such heavy snow.
My mother called us brothers and said "here, snow falling sounds.. let's listen.." We all listened and really heard it.
It was when we just moved from Osaka to Sendai and I was at the age of nine or ten(over 30 yrs ago).
I have never heard the sound since then..
Thank you..

Anonymous said...

Under cover,
everyone is same!!