Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The composer Tetsuji Emura is working on a composition based on my poem (see the 31st December 2006
entry of this blog.)

When Tetsuji came to lecture at Geidai (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music), he talked about how the composer John Cage used to love mushrooms.

Betraying the various connotations that swirled in the listeners' minds, Tetsuji went on to mention in a cool manner.

That is because the word "mushroom" is listed next to the word "music" in a dictionary.


LINUS said...

I'm intereted in which mushroom does he like. Hypnotic repetition musics (called "Newage" or "MinumulMusic") give me a peace of mind. I hope he might not like the magic-mushrooms, worrying that he would be confined in "cage".

Anonymous said...

How about the another word "musk" next to "music" ?
Does it smell too strong ?

susie said...

Hi, Mr. Mogi.

Did Cage like mushrooms as food? In my dictionary, listed next to music is "mushy peas."