Thursday, February 08, 2007


Yesterday was the presentation and examinations day for the masters degree candidates in the Department of Computation Intelligence and Systems Science of the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

From my laboratory, three students stood up to the challenge. Ms Fumi Okubo presented her work on jealousy as a problem of dividing resource in a three-party game. Mr. Tomomitsu Herai examined how agency and intention affected temporal order judgments of visual and auditory stimuli, and Mr. Eiichi Hoshio reported on the interplay between object recognition and spatial cognition in a cyberspace.

When they entered the graduate school, they knew almost nothing about the brain or cognitive science. After two years of Kandel's book reading, a hundred or so journal clubs and several international conferences, they were now up to the job, with pride shining in their eyes, although understandably intimidated by the prospect of being closely examined by the eminent scholars.

To my joy and relief, they all passed the exam. We had a celebrations drink in our cozy seminar room. It was one of the happiest days in the recent history of my humble life.


Anonymous said...

I dumped getting my master's degree to get married against my teachers.
It was more precious for me to get 4 children during my possible period of reproduction,which men cannot do at all!!

≪green leaf≫ said...

I was impressed to be able to understand parental affection of Dr. Mogi very well.
Three students, it be played a role

While I pray for happiness of people
I taste delicious coffee in silence every morning in a corner of Cafe.