Friday, February 09, 2007

Brownie Points

Mr. Seiichiro Watanabe, Founder and CTO of NuCore Technology Inc. based in San Jose was the guest in this week's shoot of "The Professionals "program.

Here's what happens basically in the shootings which usually takes place in the studio 102 of NHK broadcast center. I and my co-presenter Ms Miki Sumiyoshi chat with the guests for about three to four hours, during which there are moments when we feel we are just that close to the core of the soul of each other. This long conversation is then edited into a condensed footage of about 15 minutes in the actual broadcasts.

The conversation with Mr. Watanabe was quite stimulating. In particular, it was interesting when Mr. Watanabe mentioned that in the Silicon Valley culture failures count as valuable brownie points in one's c.v. as well as successes.


LINUS said...

I'm ashamed that taking a look at the title, I imagined a "chocolate brownie";). But for me there is not so much difference between a "chocolate brownie", and "brounie points" that Dr.Mogi has approved some comments of me. Both of them tast happy and never be became tired. I like dark brown beacuse of its atomospher of calm and quiet. My dark brown colored bed and window curtains are earning my "brownie points".

Anonymous said...

When White Magic works,
failures would turn into successes
as valuable Brownie Points.