Friday, December 30, 2016

Consolations in the post-truth era.

In a world dominated by fake news, it would appear that people can ignore apparent truth for their own benefit, and the vested interests of the gang. It is surely a sad scene. It has given birth to a legion of deplorables, who actually pride themselves on being so.

On the other hand, there are some consolations, too.

The diminishing of the power of the so-called authorities to decide what is true, acceptable, and respectable, helps sharpen one's instinct. We can no longer follow a certain set of standards as something that would vouchsafe intellectual decency. We need to judge cases one by one, and thereby risk ourselves to be scoundrels, if we make a bad choice.

That is what you would call freedom.

In a sense, the emergence of post-truth brought freedom into our world, and may even be regarded as a progress if you look at it that way. And here we are.

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ralatoindahore said...

Hello Mogi san! I've come across your blog after watching Arashi ni Shiyagare, haha. It was a great episode!
My name is Indah. I'm currently studying psychology (and I'm sorry to say that cognitive psycholgy isn't my forte).
This one is an interesting post, and somehow triggering! In my opinion, since we all have our own perception about things, we would never come into a single conclusion. We rationalize things that eventually will benefit ourselves, even though we kept saying to ourselves that our decisions are made for the sake of others and such. Somehow, I think the freedom itself brings us some disadvantage since not everyone could use that wisely. It's a progress indeed, but shouldn't we put that into a context where people are perceived to be "ready" into accepting that kind of privilege? (Pardon my sceptical personal opinion, I'm currently tired of sighing and rolling my eyes seeing my facebook timeline regarding political things and people's opinions about it).