Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sports drinks.

I must confess I never really liked sports drinks. I know they are isotonic and contain electrolytes, but plain water usually seems to be good enough for me.
This morning I made an exception. I was running and it was hot. I felt that I sweated a bit more than usual. I happened to have some coins in my running shorts pocket, so I bought a bottle of Aquarius, manufactured by Coca-Cola.

Well, I am not too sure about the benefit. I suspect there might be some “threshold” of activity above which sports drinks might be beneficial. I have run three full marathons, and after these races sports drinks did seem desirable. For mild exercises, I am still not convinced.


Takuro HARADA said...

I was traveling around Japan while I was a university student with my bike. In those days, Sports drink was MUST.

Every evening I made POCARI SWEAT by dissolving the powders in water I could get at campsites. I found it interesting that even the smallest shops in the most rural areas in Japan always had the POCARI SWEAT powders.

Now I think it serves as drinks for agricultural work in rural areas.

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