Thursday, March 17, 2011


SInce the earthquake on the 11th March, life as we know it has changed beyond recognition in Japan.

I am tweeting @kenmogi about situations developing in my beloved country.

May calm and happiness prevail!

Ken Mogi


กื้อ said...

Good luck

Christine said...

I am glad to see you online. I am thankful you are alive. I am sorry about what happened to your beautiful country.

Pupa said...

I am glad to visit this site again.

My cousin has been sent to one of disaster areas as a surgeon.
He called me last night how silent the patients were and how cold their limbs were.
The staff gathered wood stoves for lack of oil.

May the warmth of the sun fall there !

pookkka said...

Thanks for the post, like other, I' m glad that you are safe. We all pray for Japanese, and wish for newer and brighter face of Japan.