Friday, September 03, 2010

The summer is gone.

I don't know how, but I do feel that the summer has gone.

Ever since childhood, at some time in August or September, I would suddenly come back to myself, and feel that the summer has now gone. I instantly go into a serious mood, ready to tackle heaps of books and do some thinking.

During the summer, I tend to be carefree, not really knowing where I am going, and would just let myself go, here and there, into the blue sky, over the sunset horizon. Then, when the cool breeze of September touches my cheeks, I would suddenly realize that there are things that only hard work and serious commitment can bring.

So this year, again, a few days ago, I suddenly felt again that the summer was now gone. Life welcomes change. Another wave has come and gone in my life. That makes the rhythm. Now I am ready to take some autumn and seriousness.


砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

Many days have passed since the " 立秋"-the first day of autumn in the lunar calendar.

I'm now waiting for the Fujiwarano Toshiyuki's cool breeze. Yes,"秋来ぬと目にはさやかに見えねども・・・”

Autumn is a good season for starting new things, isn't it?

I'm also looking forward to your new cool breeze.

yuzu said...

I also feel that the summer is gone quietly and deeply.
The moon and the sky is changing for autumn.
New season is coming which is for future and for everybody. It will be great nice. I pray.

yacchin said...

This picture seems so beautiful!I feel a kind of comfort come to fill my heart.This experience has guided me a state of gentle feeling.Thank you!

The beauty of the qualia which is generated by the simply seeing of this is so subtle that I cannnot remember the completely suitable words.

The beauty seemingly increases its impact in proportion for the exquisiteness that we cannot express by words to increase.

If the noble beauty has difficulty in being expressed by words,and is beyond the words themselves, WHY can we recgnize the beauty as a kind of being? What part of us can appreciate the beauty?

Possibly,the sense of "being" itself might be able to transcendence the expression of the words.

When we feel beauty,the being itself of the object and that of us might be resonant with each other.

Everything in the universe do exist,so that the beauty may be immanent in everything.

The universe is full of beauty!

We might be able to discover the beauty almost EVERYWHERE if our mental attitude to see things becomes more clear,more passionate,and full of questioning mind.

The beauty might be inherent in the very questioning mind of us.It is in the very minds to quest for it.

The beauty might exist in the boundary surface of subjectivity and objectivity.

Junko said...

The sound of autumn insects rings out the expecting season.
In the early morning,when watering garden plants, I sometimes feel an autumn air.

Tsumabenicho said...

migrating birds -
fields of pampas grass
show the way

- Kristen Deming -

I barely feel autumn coming by the pampas grass on the bank and the songs of insects.

I feel a cool wind by your photo.
Thanks a lot.
I hope you are doing fine in spite of this lingering summer heat.

Tsumabenicho said...


Anonymous said...

I remember 'DANDELION WINE' by Raymond Bradbury! Summer is a season for boys.

Anonymous said...

"Harvest is ended and summer is gone", quoted Anne, gazing across the shorn fields dreamily.

Probably a fit of nostalgia now. This was maybe the opening sentence of the very important book of yours .. and also, of Ms (ma)gog's and, of mine.

I should say with a smile that, for me, it has been a nice summer not so much. I got sick quite abruptly and needed to have a bed rest. I had to quit my study.

Although that might be a natural process, I cried and sighed so many times in the hospital in this summer.

In addition, it seems to me my very important people has been gone long enough to go around the world ..

Just accumulated a unhappy day, but now I do feel too that the summer has gone.

Tsumabenicho said...



熱い熱いツイッターもいいけど、たまにはわが愛する The Qualia Journal も更新してね。

Joybird said...

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Poetic chronicles said...

I feel summer ebbing away at the end of august...then come those september days, the return of something new. Does something new ever return? I feel it does, somehow: a new season, a new part of life, a new school start. It's all coming back, again and different.
Well I love reading your blog, for all its texture and matter!

Anonymous said...

yes Dr. Mogi. I do also feel that the summer has gone finally. Then, I would like to do quote an introduction of our important book in this way:

The Shadow of Change

"Harvest is ended and summer is gone," quoted Anne, gazing across the shorn fields dreamily.
She and Diana had been picking apples in the Green Gables orchard, but were now resting from their labors in a sunny corner, wh...ere airy fleets of thistledown drifted by on the wings of a wind that was still summer-sweet with the incense of ferns in the Haunted Wood.

Now it seems that the time has also been coming for us to pick apples in the orchard here in a small town in Nagano prefecture Japan.

I agree with your perspective such as, "Life welcomes change."

Also my recent condition and feeling may be somehow similar to your observations:

"Another wave has come and gone in my life. That makes the rhythm. Now I am ready to take some autumn and seriousness."

Anonymous said...


I remember too 'Dandelion Wine' by Ray Bradbury. So summer is a season for boys only? This is true?

I remember 'The October Country' also. It was for autumn ... fantastic story.