Monday, June 28, 2010

Philosophy of the food court.

The first foreign country that I visited was Canada, in the summer when I was 15 years old. Probably because of that, whenever I set my feet on a Canadian soil my heart starts throbbing. Canada is my old sweetheart country.

One thing that I love from Canada, or indeed north America in general, is the food court. During the conference in Toronto, I have been taking lunch in the food court down in the Sears store. The no-nonsense, casual manner in which you can order your food from a bewildering variety, the easiness of taking the seat and just have it and go is quite to my liking.

There is a philosophy behind every practical thing. There is a philosophy to the food court. I ponder about it while I take my chicken curry from a Thai food stand.

Food court in Sears, downtown Toronto, Canada.


Yuki said...

I grew up in Australia where they have similarly styled food courts. Your post opened my eyes to its simplicity. Why do we not have these in Japan? It uses space more effectively than per-store dining, and caters to single customers as well as large groups. This is exactly what having a broader perspective is all about.

Also, nice choice with the chicken curry.

nekochama said...

Yuki, there is a food court in the Aeon Mall in Miyazaki. I don't know about other Aeon Malls, but since I grew up in the US, and worked in such a mall as a teenager, I feel a touch of home style there. It's nice that you can eat something completely different than your friends at the same table.