Sunday, May 23, 2010

Probably we have the beginning of the rainy season.

I was at the Fuji television in Odaiba yesterday, for a studio shoot of the Best House 123 show. I appeared as one of the guests.

During the break, I was talking with Ms. Chiyoko Asakura, one of the producers of the show. When I mentioned "the weather forecast says that it will be raining tomorrow", Chiyoko mentioned the rainy season ("tsuyu", literary "rain of the plum").

The rainy season!

I seem to have forgotten all about it recently. What a loss of innocence!

When I was a kid, the beginning of the rainy season was a much apprehended event. Its onset meant that I would not be able to play baseball in the fields, and chase the butterflies. The very idea of having to carry an umbrella to school was depressing. The rainy season was such an imminent threat to my tiny existence.

After one grows up, one is less affected by the weather, as one is not dependent on it, self-satisfied in the great corridors of civilization, being fed by and feeding the web of information. One could even go as far as nurturing an attitude of disdain for the very idea of being affected by the weather at all.

The gush of realization and something close to remorse as I chatted about the rainy season beside the studio made me a refreshed person. To really feel the nature, perhaps I need to go for a run in the rain, in the park forest, and remember how I used to feel before adolescence and civilization.

Perhaps I should do it today.

It is raining in the Tokyo district this morning. Probably we have the beginning of the rainy season.


Wander14 said...

Currently I am becoming sensitive
day by day.
One of the cause is humid.
I particularly mind whether
being wet with sweat or not,
at the same time, however,
I hate to turn on the air conditioner(it seems like came from father's DNA).
I wish that I would be able to drink beer as soon as possible.
In addition, especially with you.

Anonymous said...

In Chinese we called it Mei Yu (plum rains). I did notice that the NPB baseball games were called but Giants lost a game. Just like the weather was gloomy.
In Taiwan the weather is almost the same in Japan. The rainy season begin the middle of month that it carry on the abundant rainfull natural resources. So is a good news for us which there is a shortage of water in south of Taiwan. Peace both our country~
a reader from Taiwan

ichi said...

Today I was going to Roppongihills with my three daughters,4and7and9 years old.Just when we were going out,little 2 girls were plaing ball outside in the little beat rain.
I could not resist scolding for getting wet.
Come to think of it they enjoyed such a good opportunity. They like a rain and getting wet.
Sometimes I worried about forcing my ideas on them and regreted to deprive them a chance to feel a sense of rain.

Yuzu said...

I really don't think about weather from yesterday.
I will be able to enjoy every time every moment from yesterday. Thank you very much.
By the way, Mr.Mogi told it that present means now in English for a long time ago. I understand it more than before.It is tsuyu now. I like it.