Monday, May 31, 2010

I cannot live without rice, I can live without rice.

I really stick to the rice. When I stay at a hotel, and have a choice between Japanese and Western breakfast, I always choose the Japanese one. My morning simply cannot start without a bowl of rice and preferably a cup of miso soup. If there were some pickles, that would be divine.

Having said that, my preference does seem to be context dependent.

When I am on the road, for example in Europe or in the United States, I simply discard my usual preferences. When I walk into the restaurant, I am quite forgetful of the fact that in the world there are such things as rice and miso soup. I am quite happy with bread, bacon, cereals, orange juice, and the usual suspects.

When I reflect on this very convenient change in my taste, I realize how flexible one's custom is. It is important to know your customs, and yet it is also important to know how flexible you can be.

I cannot live without rice, I can live without rice. These double aspects of my existence is an interesting problem poser for me.

You could build a whole system of philosophy from here.


Nekokichi said...


I always think I am everyone. Just like your rice case, various elements some of which are quite opposite to each other coexist in me, and it must go with anyone.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

I agree. This flexible philosophy is significant in this era and the world of diversity.

How about chocolate with coffee?
That's OK. Ideal.
coffee after rice?
OK,OK. Usual.
rice ball in coffee?