Thursday, April 08, 2010

The small restaurant in St. David.

Once I was traveling in Wales, and went to a small town called St. David. I was strolling along the streets, when I discovered a small and cozy restaurant.

I was on my way, and had to hurry on. So a lunch stop was not possible. To this day, I hold the pleasant impression of that restaurant in my mind. At that time, I thought that I might be coming back someday and visit the restaurant. The memory and hope become fainter with the procession of time.

Even if I revisit the place again, it might not be and could not be the same. The owner might have changed. The town itself could have gone through what you would call "progress". I myself have changed for sure. My belly area is noticeably larger, I have more white hair, and my mindset has evolved, for better or worse.

In life, there are things like the small restaurant in St. David. You wished you could go back there, but in reality you don't and wouldn't. For some reasons, I also do not feel like searching for the restaurant on the internet either. I would like to keep the little gem in my life forever lost and luminous.


Yuzu said...

I would love to read your journal which is so lyric,close and gentle. I think Dr.Mogi, you have not changed anything since you were chasing insects or butterflies and a beautiful boy or men,you know. I wish you can find your small restaurant in your way.But Mr.Mogi, what mean is a gem? I want to know why a small restaurant is a gem for you?
I have read your essay about a gem sometimes, but they are not a kind of restaurant.
Anyway I would love to read your happy essay.
Please,please,please be happy.I wish you will be able to find everything and be like Einstein.

Takuro said...

Dear Dr. Mogi,

As Yuzu-san note,your writing in blog is so lyric and gentle.
Just as the small restaurant in St.David has been precious memory for you, experience of reading your blog will be my treasure in the future.
Having found out your blog in the internet is as nice exeperience as finding out good restaurants in my real life. However you change in appearance, your core is nice and gentle, and readers of your blog become happy everyday by reading your blog.

大子 said...

I've never been to Wales, but I just can "see" the picture of the restaurant in St.David. Very warm and sweet one.

Maybe it's like the first love, the one you never told anything to her/him and is always in our heart. It never loses its glitters... sweet old gems.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is not the restaurant that you are seeking, but the feeling in which it evokes. It seems like your "warm cozy feeling" arises from experiencing the unknown. In my opinion, the willingness to experience the unknown is a most courageous endeavor. I try to live my life in a similar fashion.

Petrusa de Koker said...

Dear Ken, lovely entry today. May there be many more gems along your way in life.

(ma)gog said...

In the course of one's life, everybody has his or her "the small restaurant in St.David."

It might be a certain place, or certain time, that we would never be able to reach, to grasp, however strongly you long for it.

Feeling that small void gragdually develop in your mind, at the same time you would realize your St.David has ripened enough to be cherished, and treasured, as one of the unforgettable memories.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

We are surrounded by much of the digital information in this net era. That's OK.

On the other hand, everyone has his or her own memories not in the net. Each of them is sometimes like a dying fire. However, I would like to believe all of them are eternal...