Sunday, April 25, 2010

Memento contingency.

It seems like another job will take me Europe again within a few days. This time I will be flying to U.K. I have some trepidations naturally about it as the U.K. was the worst hit country by the recent ash cloud incident.

For some time I thought that the plan would be abandoned. However, with the air situation improving, it seems that the schedule will go ahead.

I am looking forward to seeing things that I love in England again, as well as to encountering new things. On the other hand I am in a hung state of mind as regards the ash cloud contingencies. I don't want to be kept in exile AGAIN.

I will try to gather information about the likelihood of yet another series of explosions of the volcano. At the end of the day, of course, things remain ultimately uncertain. No place on earth is completely safe from unexpected catastrophes (remember where the UFO hit in the film District 9?).

Contingencies strike at the most unexpected places. Memento contingency.


Wander14 said...

I couldn't come up with something
to say to be able to cheer up you
but I eagerly pray that nothing
dreadful would happen to you.

Sorry,some words of them is not originally from my brain.

Yuzu said...

I think that no body control ash cloud now.
But you can control your mind so flexible and conduct
yourself. I feel that your life so bright.
When you gathered many information about the likelihood of yet another series of explosions of the volcano, please please enjoy your Europe and special U.K. I think that you don't know U.K where is hit by the ash cloud. Please gather many information about explosions of volcano in the earth.