Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Butterfly encounters

When I was five, my mother introduced me to Mr. Ito, who was studying entomology at a University. It was Mr. Ito who introduced me into the wonderful world of insects in a professional way. I was an insect lover before this encounter always, observing and tampering with beetles and butterflies around my parents' house where my little feet could take me. With the guidance of Mr. Ito, I started to study butterflies in earnest, equipped with professional instruments.

When I look back on the long hours I spent in the woods waiting for my favorite butterflies, I realize how deeply this particular experience affected the way I look and interact with the small world around me. Butterflies are needless to say airborne entities. They emerge out of nowhere from every directions, startling you. When an interesting butterfly emerges, you need to react quite quickly, if you wanted to capture it that is.

There were many unforgettable instances where a rare species flew into your view. Your heart started to pound quite wild, and you got really nervous. The moment of truth had arrived. You tried to do your best, but often fail to do so, knowing this was a once in a lifetime chance.

These butterfly encounters would repeat themselves many times over in life, assuming different appearances and lurking in unexpected contexts, taking one by pleasant surprise. I grow by small inches by these encounters.

I am always longing for my next butterfly encounter.


Wander14 said...

Your childhood memories always
introduce me into the wonderful world.

Before I realized I read your
story again and again.

And today's one reminds me of
my infant days when I ran after
butterflies and dragonflies
(of course separate season)
with my sister.

My brain has got younger! Thanks.

hirano said...

This moved me.I want to long for my next butterfly like you do.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

君や蝶我や荘子が夢心  芭蕉

Are you a butterfly?
Am I in a dream of Soshi?
Possibly opposite...?


(Hmm...difficult haiku poetry.Temporary my translation.Always changeble.)

Butterflies has a nostalgic and beautiful dream. The dreamy season comes...