Friday, February 12, 2010

I always remember the glorious moment for the bass boys.

Nowadays, when I work in the morning, I listen to Messiah of George Frideric Handel. It is one of my all-time favorite pieces of music.

When I was a senior high student, we practiced the Hallelujah chorus. I was a bass. All the good parts are taken by the soprano and tenor. There was, however, one passage where the bass went solo.

"And he shall reign forever and ever"

For this particular line, the bass went first, and then the other vocal parts followed. We the bass boys were naturally very proud of it, and waited eagerly for that eternal moment.

Messiah's music is beautiful all through, and I can only marvel at the genius of Handel. When it comes to the Hallelujah chorus, I always remember the glorious moment for the bass boys. There is at least one shining moment in life for an underdog.


Anonymous said...

"There is at least one shining moment in life for an underdog."

I am a believer in the concept that life is "chara(even)" for everyone at the end of the day. Those who are seemingly successful in life do have their downs, and vice versa for those who seemingly aren't. Many who experience significant hardships and misfortune early in their lives become "hungrier" than others in achieving success and their desperate efforts do often pay off. Meanwhile, there are sudden "pitfalls" for those who happily go about with their lives with little complaint (and appreciation), only then to realize how fortunate they had always been. My belief is that there should always be a "shining moment" for everyone, and everyone should seize such moments as firmly as they can with appreciation and gratification, acknowledging the reality that none of that is likely to be sustainable under the "chara" concept, which should hopefully become a comforting notion for those around the world who are at "challenging" phases in their lives and liable to lose faith.

r_yuzurin said...


I also practiced the Hallelujah chorus at senior high school.
The school was a missionary one, so we chorused it the end of Christmas Mass. More than 500 students attended the chorus, it was great Hallelujah if I do say so myself... Now I can imagine our music teachers had a hard time, I really appreciate them.

In fact, I was a alto.

(ma)gog said...

My university days started with Messiah and finished with Messiah.
Except one year when I had to work to organize the annual "Messiah concert" as a member of the students' Messiah committee, I participated in the choir.

"And He shall reign foever and ever"...Indeed it is the most impressive part of the bass part's glory. I used to sing alto, so I understand the feeling of waiting for the "eternal moment".
As for Messiah though, that moment comes at the very beginning when chorus joins this oratorio,

"And the glory, the glory of the Load"

to lead all the parts to follow. Thus our proud moment vanished right away.

At the Hallelujah chorus, all the audience stood up as well, and we could experience our rising spirits fill whole the world, with this holy glorious music.

Then comes the last highest moment of "Amen" chorus, and even now I find myself tremble, when I remember being a part of this unprecedented work of Handel through singing.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mogi,

Thank you so much for inviting us to your pleasant lecture in Tokyo: watching a film `An Autumn Afternoon" together was very impressive. I would like to see the whole story soon.

Your talk gave me an opportunity to think about the future of our country seriously. I agree with you, I have been having almost the same feeling with you about it, thus, it was a cultural night tonight for me.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

I practiced the Hallelujah chorus too. Our school was not a private institution but a public one. However, our school had a tradition of singing in chorus Hallelujah every year. Yes, more than 500 students attended the chorus like r-yuzurin-san's school. Our music teacher was charismatic. He won a gold award at national chorus contest many times,led the chorus club students. (I was a brass band club member.That's good. No hard training.)

Now, I remember the hook-line. Like this.OK?

The tenor parts,"Ha-lle,lu(↑)jah(↓)", then the bass parts, "Ha-lle,lu(↓)jah(↑)" 

This scene with friends was certainly in my young days. Many many years have passed since then...

Yuzu said...

I think Mr.Mogi knows the most cool life which means

(ma)gog said...

It is so embarrassing that I spelled "Lord" incorrectly. I know I always make "Loads" of mistakes, and I have always wanted to be careful enough to minimize these mistakes...just in vain.

Dear Mogi sensei, would you please be kind to correct this holy word in my previous comment? I don't know how to do it by myself under this system.

I am very sorry to ask you such a thing, but I really had to send this message to you.

And please don't let this comment appear on this page.

Sonoko Shiratori ( (ma)gog )

Anonymous said...

Very nice and intrestingss story.