Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The lights corridor

The Meiji Shrine is one of my favorite places. I would like to stroll this haven in the heart of Tokyo.

The lights are never the same, as they come through the leaves of the trees, which have grown into mature shapes 100 years after they were transplanted from many places across the island. Before the transplantation, the shrine site used to be a grassland, I hear.

I would like to ponder and weigh, as I pass through the lights corridor. I come face to face with my unconscious, where I find many strange animals and vegetations.

And my whole body including the brain is the only recording devise. Photography has a limited power in capturing the moment. As I stroll, I vividly sense the environment and myself. I hark, remember, and project.

Before long I find myself in the busy Tokyo streets again. The magic is over.

The Meiji Shrine forest on a recent visit.


Anonymous said...

I dare to say visits to such magnificent shrines inevitably make one truly aware of the power and depth of the Shinto spirituality. Beyond accepting this unquestionable (and perhaps universal) truth, lies the recognition of the importance and necessity to refrain from any misuse.

otton0726 said...

Beautiful poetical imagination.
I also would like to go to the Meiji Shrine.

(ma)gog said...

As far as I can remember, the Meiji Shrine was always there for me, even before Yoyogi park, since I realized that I was "me" at a very young age, perhaps a few months before the age of three.

I remember walking along this divine corridor, with my parents, hand in hand, feeling the ever changing the light coming through the ancient branches and leaves, dancing endlessly around me, filled with wonder, happiness, and some expectations to come. I was wearing a black velvet short dress which my mother had prepared for this special occasion and a small cream coloured hat with some pale pink flowers beside it. This was the day I visited the shrine to be celebrated for being a healthy three year old girl.

yuzu said...

The Meiji Shrine is beautiful place for visiting.
I visited several times when I was in Tokyo.

aMuse said...

Silent conversation with the
lights.The nature gives us the
generosity. I love this tender