Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A tiny leaf dancing

In Andrei Tarkovsky's film "Solaris", the ocean plays an important role. The ever changing, whirling tides are living organisms, beyond human comprehension, floating above the normal modes of communication, the mundane existence of humanity.

Although the Solaris ocean is a fictitious entity, the same degree of invisibility surrounds the vast chunk of water that is earth's ocean. When I go to seaside, I never fail to be impressed by the intractable, impenetrable mass, refusing human civilization, protecting the last virgin nature on this overcivilized planet.

The point is to see that there is an ocean in each of us. The vastness of our unconscious and its uncontrollability is a scandal for anyone who professes to pursue a logical and coherent life.

Walking along a Tokyo street, I feel the ocean that is inside me swaying to-and-fro. I am a tiny leaf dancing on the waves of the vast ocean, never knowing where I am going, oblivious of what I have been.


aMuse said...

How pretty thinking...
The ocean is always vast.
Although I'm far from the ocean,
I feel,play,amuse the nature in my head(little bit small one)and sometimes I practise what I imagined. ^-^
With playing the wind who blow
from the place where I never been.
Have a nice day, Mr.Mogi.

Takuro said...

We can live and breathe in this world filled with an excess of information,
since we know that we do not know about our planet and our mind in the true sense of the term.

yuzu said...

I've never seen "Solaris". I feel it tells us something profound sensation.
Are you in ripe organic nature ?
Inside of your ocean wave on uncharted and become the vast ocean.
You don't know what you are. Please dance outside of middle this island more, and shake us.