Monday, November 30, 2009


I don't know what is happening, but I seem to be less interested in the physical testimonies of life such as photos, and sound recordings these days.

They are certainty useful. Without photography, for example, I would have never known how Albert Einstein looked. If even a second of Napoleon's voice was here with us, it would have changed our perception of history beyond recognition.

However, as far as I am concerned, I seem to have come to the realization that in my life, precious things are never recorded. These moments would remain within me as a faint trace of memory, if they retain their feeble presences at all.

I would certainly keep taking photos and making MP3 recordings. But at the same time I would be harking, attending to my inner traces, remembering the times that have been, which is possibly the only significant action, against civilization, in the continuation of an ancient spirit.


Anonymous said...

I fully concur. I consider photography, music, paintings, literature and all forms of art to be a means for human beings to spiritually connect with others but something that will never succeed in establishing a complete and perfect connection, because a) the level and nature of perception can never be identical among different beings and b) as you have pointed out what is true and precious to us always remains "within" us and can never be expressed physically and externally in its most accurate and truest form. For me, the essential value and beauty of art has always strictly been in such efforts to connect, both on the part of the artist and the audience, ie to indeed jointly take significant action against civilization, against the overwhelming rules of nature/fate or "acts of God" for that matter, for the sole purpose of connecting. Having said that, I wonder if others agree that our nation may be in much better shape if people made a little more effort to "connect" with one another on a daily basis. Different generations need to connect more, the closest within the family need to connect more.

aMuse said...

I peacefully felt something like
Thank you very much Mr. Mogi and
Anonymous san.

yuzu said...

Mr.Mogi elucidates everything lively. It enters me inside sparkly. Thank you so much!