Saturday, November 07, 2009

Alienation of the familiar

I flew to Paris from Narita. Right now I am in Charles de Gaulle airport, waiting for my plane to Berlin.

On the airplane soon after takeoff, there was an announcement to the effect that Mt. Fuji was visible on the left side. I looked out of the window. The highest mountain in Japan was seen in the far distance, with its peak just above the sea of clouds. What was striking was its metallic appearance. It was as an alien object, not really belonging to this world.

It was not the Mt. Fuji that I used to look at as a kid from the Shinkansen train. It was not the Mt. Fuji in a Hokusai ukiyo-e. The fact that a familiar thing suddenly appeared as something completely unknown left a lasting impression on me, and for the rest of the flight I was thinking of parallels, the alienation of the familiar.

Then I think the universe shivered and coughed, because I began to consider strange ideas like the possibility of a direct conversation with god.


(ma)gog said...

It is a nice surprise again! I hope you arrived in Berlin safely. Please have a good rest tonight for the energetic stay in the capital of Germany.

These days I have been thinking about the universe as well. Yesterday, I was watching the BBC program "The universe-beyond the Big Bang" through you tube, and kept thinking thinking till I felt almost dizzy.

hanayoko said...

I admired a movie called "Der Himmer uber Berlin" of the director Wim Wenders at the age of 27 years old.
It was a very beautiful movie.
There is the start of the fairy tale called "ima ha mukashi".
I remember just the thing.
(Good morning.)

Anonymous said...

I love Wenders's " Tokyoga " (東京画),too.
It paid hommage to Yasujiro Ozu films.