Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Yutaka Ozaki

There are certain cultural phenomena, which, due to the language barrier, cannot transcend easily to other nations. These are hidden treasures, screened from people of other cultures at a great loss to the knowing and unknowing parties.

Yutaka Ozaki is one of them. A legendary singer-songwriter, he died at the premature age of 26. The wikipedia entry , at its present rudimentary state, simply does not do justice to this great musician.

Yutaka Ozaki sang about youthful dreams, anxieties, and love. The young spirit is sometimes rebellious towards the status quo, for the very good reason that the fiery energy cannot be contained in a conventional social structure.

Yutaka Ozaki's song, while being an anthem of rebellion, eventually deepens into a love which is all-encompassing, including those against whom the young artist expressed his mistrust in the lyrics. Overcoming the obstacles, Yutaka Ozaki's songs attain the universal value of a great art.

My favorite Yutaka Ozaki songs include "I love you", "Oh my little girl", "Graduation", and "Singing to the Wind" (Kaze ni Utaeba).

Yutaka Ozaki (1965-1992) at a concert.


砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

I think this is the first great essay on Yutaka Ozaki written in English.

In this essay, the essence of Ozaki's poetry and his spirit is written perfectly. This is just a treasure.

Exquisite! Amazing!

(ma)gog said...

I just lose words before his so strong emotion. Yutaka Ozaki, James Dean, make me feel tremendously eager for something lost in my youth which can never be reached again.

Mohamed said...

Mmh, beautiful post ken, he truly is a treasure. I came across Yutaka Ozaki after watching a Japanese variety show, where they mentioned his song 'Oh,my little girl' and 'I love you'. I was blown away, eventhough I didn't understand the majority of what he was singing about. And since then I began to search every thing I could find about this mysterious singer. The findings made me amazed by his life. I heard he wrote 'I love you' when he was 15 years old, if you read what he sings in this song, just amazing. He gave his all. On the day of his (private) funeral, there were roughly 40,000 fans who attanded to give their last respect.

Rest in peace Yutaka san