Saturday, August 08, 2009


I was in the car on the way to the conference site in Saga. We have just been to the old Saga castle site. As we left the Saga Castle History Museum, I noticed that black clouds have gathered in the sky. It was a very hot afternoon. In the newspaper "Saga Shimbun" next morning, it was reported that the temperature reached 37.8 degrees Centigrade, the second highest in recorded history.

In the car, we heard rumbles in the distance. A thunderstorm has come. As I witnessed the first thunderbolt running zigzag in the sky, I suddenly thought of the dragon.

The human brain sometimes plays such funny tricks. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was the intensive hour of being immersed in history in the museum. Perhaps the hot air affected me. I am not sure what combination of elements led to that hallucination, but at that very moment, it seemed so natural to me to associate the thunderbolt with the magnificent existence of the imaginary creature.

The moment was gone quite as rapidly as it came. We arrived at the auditorium, and I was again in the practical world of attending to the tightly made conference schedule.

The dragon had disappeared.


Utako said...

You were lucky to see the dragon.
Dragons are auspicious and perhaps gods of water and agriculture. We are not always able to see them. We will need some spontaneous scenic effects and context to see imaginary creatures. If the condition is well arranged, I want to encounter a wonder willingly except it's horrible too much.

"The human brain sometimes plays such funny tricks."
I sometimes think fiction is created from some necessary. For example, it often switches crisis to caricature that is more familiar to us. I prefer finding weakness and delicacy of the brain in creative action.

Take care not to suffer from summer heat.

kunikotheater2 said...

As I live in Florida, a tropical state, your writing reminded me some of my experiences. The heat and humidity sometimes takes me to the scene unknown. It must be the brain's funny trick.
It's something I can't control and violently grabs my attention. It could be a dragon, a shark, a giant frog or Joseph Conrad's novel.
Love to know more about this funny trick. Please keep us posted.
Have a nice summer! Stay cool.

Anonymous said...

"If the clouds look as if scratched by a hen, get ready to reef your topsails then", an example sentence in my English dictionary says.

Last week, the crouds looked as if a small big-eared rabbit was running. It was so lovely, downy and pure white in the blue blue sky, and then I sighed unconsciously...

Anonymous said...

mistake. the clouds looked as if a small ..