Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I have been keeping the Japanese blog more or less regularly since 12 December, 1999. My webpage The Qualia Manifesto was initiated on 26th November, 1998.

I think I have been an experimenter of various media offered by the internet. Of all the different services offered on the web, some stay, and some go out of fashion. For example, for some time I kept issuing the so-called "mail magazine", but have discontinued to do so. I have initiated a mailing list, which is still active, but I can see its difficulties. Social network services somehow have not captured my imagination. There is something about a SNS which is not really creative or practical, and I seem to spend little time accessing them.

So I hear the latest buzzword is "Twitter". I am registered, and following some guys while being followed by some. I do understand the role of Twitter in, for example, recent reporting of events in Iran after the election. I can see that Twitter has a potential of replacing or complementing the traditional journalism. Having said that, Twitter so far has not really worked for me.

I seem to have rather stringent criteria for how I use my brain time on the web, and so far Twitter does not capture my imagination. Maybe I am wrong and am simply not seeing something.

Even in the internet era, it is not that one spends all one's time on the web. We have other things to do. I seem to regard the time connected to the internet as very precious, trying to be "a web athlete", using the "on-time" in the most efficient and rewarding way.


Anonymous said...

I feel that you are not wrong, Dr mogi, regarding your statement on the stringent criteria.

Anonymous said...

I want to run after this journal,being a running student.

Anonymous said...

Many people like twitter because they can receive and send updates on their phone without being connected to the Internet or using a computer. I think of twitter as if I am text messaging a mass of people. Knowing the collective responses allows one to have a bigger picture of what is "going on" in their particular subset of the global set. The more people you follow and the more people that follow you, the more you know about the global set (your subset gets larger) and the larger your impact on the global set too. In my opinion, people who use twitter a lot are interested in either having their voice/opinions heard or they want to stay informed quickly (news, media, etc). It also seems like twitter promotes anonymity (and thus equality) because you do not have to provide much personal information...the ideas from a rich person and a poor person are heard equally. The focus is on information.

Utako said...

"A web athlete", this is a proper expression for "The Qualia Journal" both in Japanese and English. We enjoy, appreciate the phrase and pictures, and sometimes have a privilege to remark. The great regularity of this blog brings me relief, knots and growth by continuity.

If the evolution of information steps toward interaction, the visitors are also inquired the refinement of selection and individuality. We had better not relinquish the face and breath behind the network. We often feel more "Motijousi" (I couldn't say in English)in one's blog than the book. What a joy to hear an athlete's breath and sounds kicking ground freshly.

Anonymous said...

yeah totally agree

cosfeet said...

I watched the Iran presidental
election images and Uigle mass movement images against the government under media uncontroled through internet. It's fact that there is troublesome concerning existence of internet,however we cannot but be indiffrence to peace and war.I think internet very precious in that mananing.
I long wish that jurnalists as runner would always be in safe.