Wednesday, July 01, 2009

No knowledge, no imagination.

Albert Einstein famously said that "imagination is more important than knowledge". If I may add a humble something to the words of wisdom by a genius, knowledge sometimes helps one's imagination.

Actually, knowledge can serve as the secure base (as was described by John Bowby) for one's imagination. Knowing for a fact that the sun is burning hydrogen to make helium can set one to imagine a lot of things on an idle afternoon.

No knowledge, no imagination.

One could go quite far in one's imagination based on scanty information. When I was a kid, I used to imagine a lot, because in those days there was relatively little information about anything that you cared about.

With the advent of information age, there is a danger that imagination is suffocated. To avoid death by knowledge, one should have a strong pair of legs. By jumping from the springboard of knowledge, one can dive into the ocean of unlimited imagination.


Utako Shima said...

" knowledge sometimes help one's imagination. / knowledge can serve the secure base for one's imagination. / No knowledge, no imagination. "

By these modest phrase, we can go together with knowledge and imagination in peace.
I feel that knowledge is caught by our gaze. So it already wears corona of our interest. Imagination and interest seems to be sisters.

For example, at last I got a introductory book of physics. Probably even the element one overwhelm me soon. If my interest still live halfway, then imagination will have helped and encouraged me greatly. Imagination will never smile at neglect... I think...

Petrusa de Koker said...

Lovely entry! I most like your paragraph on "avoid death by information".

Ken Mogi said...

Dear, Petrusa

Thank you for your comment.
My favorite dessert is "death by chocolate".

Anonymous said...

Your last sentence invites me to the film "Sea Inside"...

he jump and dive into the ocean of unlimited imagination from his bed.

someday please tell me about relations among experience, knowledge and imagination. michiko