Thursday, June 18, 2009


When I was a kid, I used to imagine that it is always sunset somewhere on earth. Actually, as the earth rotates on its axis, the relation to the sun is always the same in essence. It is only that different parts of the globe are illuminated, and the bright and dark pattern moves on its surface.

There is a translational invariance in the time of the earth. Bound to Tokyo, I think that it is day, then twilight, and then night. But from the earth's point of view, it is always the same earth time.

When it comes to lives on earth, there is also a translational invariance. At any moment, somebody is being born. A loved one is passing away. Others are in the prime of juvenile joy. Some are feeling the decline. Although the points in the time of life is different for each one of us, taken on the earth scale as a whole, there is always and will ever be just one life time.

At any given moment, it is always sunset for the life of somebody among us.

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Tina said...

Love this post. I interpret it as a state of enlightment- being able to see the "big life's picture" and being able to think outside the (earth)"circle". When I see the earth from a distance, I can detach myself from all the life chaosness, which I realise it only exists in my mind, and at the same time realising the universe is in such perfect order.

Thanks, Mr Mogi. Love your blog.