Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cup noodles in the van seat

Despite the ups and downs, I have kept my habit of going for a run in the park forest near my house. A few months ago, I sprained my right ankle, and could not walk briskly for a while. The ankle has been recovering since, and I have started to exercise in earnest again.
This morning, I was returning from my run. I usually take a banknote with me, tucked away in my pocket, and drop by at a convenience store, to buy some drinks.
As I strolled into the car park beside the convenience store this morning, I noticed a van. In the driver's seat a man sat, sipping from his cup noodle. Evidently, it was his breakfast. Probably he did not have time to take one at home, and just dashed off to work, and had only the time to purchase a cup noodle and ask for hot water from the store clerk.
It is when I take a glimpse of these hard working people that I straighten up in my spirit. The profile of the man remained in my memory for a while. The world as we know it is made of runs in the park and men eating cup noodles in the van seat.
It looks like raining today.


kunikotheater2 said...

Your blog in Japanese led me to this. Thank you for sharing the scene of Cup Noodole.

The other day when I was running, a small squirrel ran off faster than my speed. Hey, Am I slower than squirrel? For somehow it humbled me deeply,,, and made me feel very good. A good stretch for my spirit!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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