Monday, January 21, 2008


A few days ago I caught a cold. Walking around in a T-shirt was not such a good idea. They say the cold affects your stomach this year. (When you think about it, they say so every year, actually.) On the morning after I found that I lost my appetite, and could not bring myself to eat breakfast.

I expected a full working day ahead, and had to eat something. On the table I found a banana. I took a nibble, and felt that I could eat on. In less than a minute, I finished the whole thing.

Thanks to the banana, I could carry the weight of my life that day. Now the cold is gone.

Aren't the bananas wonderful. They used to belong to the luxury food category in the postwar Japan. They were like jewels. The sight of bananas would make people filled with yearning and envy. Now they are sold very cheap. A child doesn't take much interest in the bananas. I don't, either, usually. But the fact remains that the bananas are wonderful.

I once heard it said that people react to beautiful things even when they are deeply depressed. Bananas must be to the stomach as beauty is to the brain.


concetto11 said...

Several years ago, I have heard there is epidemic disease for banana trees (reported in the news, France2). I have not heard about this information since then.

LINUS said...

Go bananas !
It's show time !

kirai said...

I love bananas too, they must be beautiful for our stomachs! And they are so easy to eat :)

Kathleen said...

I admit I react to beautiful things (an angelic voice, a stunningly nice scenery, the sight of a new born,...) with tears. Somehow your words have the same effect on me. I will try and pay more respect for such little things as bananas from now on, too.

Kenji Rikitake, JJ1BDX said...

I love bananas, too.

I guess in Japan raw foods such as fruits are getting slowly but surely more harder to buy; more people have to eat junk foods these days.

Just reading the Futurist Sengen ("declaration of becoming Futurist") of you and Mochio Umeda-san and found this blog.

Take care.

Mariana said...

I read your blog everyonce in a while, when you update, and i found your comments very intresting, they always have a deeper meaning underneath, and that's why I enjoy them so much.

I also should eat more bananas! I love melon the best =D

HeidiYuko said...

What a wonderful post! It just made my day...
My 2 year old's eyes light up when she sees bananas... My father also struggled greatly to make it through the day when a cyclone caused Australia a banana famine! Cheers to bananas - a symbol of happiness and plentiful resources :)