Sunday, August 19, 2007

Janice Tay's article in the Straights Times.

Some time ago I received a mail about my 11th April blog from Janice Tay. Janice is an active writer originally from Singapore, who now stays in Kyoto. In the mail, she said that she was planning to write an article for the Straights Times, a venerable English newspaper founded in 1845. Janice asked if she could mention my blog in that article. I was overjoyed.

Janice's article titled "When closed doors set us free" has now been published on the 14th July issue.

Janice's article.
When closed doors set us free

Janice's blog.


Soong-blog said...

Dr. Mogi,
First of all, I'm very sorry to write a message here. I'm Seung Yoon Lee from Korean Design Research Institute who I suggested you an article a couple of months ago. I am wondering if you checked my email regarding the article...if you don't have any message, please give me an notice to
thank you!

蓝月 said...

Hi, I've read the article and it had touched me in a certain way, which subsequently lead me to your blog.

It was well-written.

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