Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Everybody is getting busier these days. The internet and the mobile phone are responsible for making us occupied with various things all day long, forcing us to accept miscellaneous contexts simultaneously, in a situation that was inconsiderable some years ago.

If the popular conception about the dog year holds, then more things must be compressed into the same amount of time compared to what used to be the case.

One consolation of the current situation is that there are more chances of different elements making associations with each other and leading to a non-trivial synthesis. In the association cortex of the brain, experiences would be accumulated with higher intensity, and would, during the course of the "editing" and "streamlining" of the various memory traces, lead to the genesis of new things.

The Flynn effect pinpoints the increase of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) scores in industrialized nations in recent times. If this particular effect is due to the changing information environment, then it can also lead to increased creativity among people. Creativity is difficult to give a measure to compared to the general intelligence, but it must be somehow possible to find empirical evidences in support of the increased productivity in the domain of intelligence.

It is as if the average information environment in which a common man finds himself is becoming something similar to the tropical jungle, where miscellaneous factors are compressed into one with an extremely high density.

For me, creativity increased induced by intensity is at least the gospel of the time, if not entirely the case.


Anonymous said...

อยู่เจแปนรู้จัก ฮิเดโตชิ นากาตะไหม?...อิๆๆๆ


LINUS said...

I know Dr.Mogi's so strong intensity that I can't any comments which criticing him. But I found an interesting thing today. On these days, I got very fat, and thought why in moment. I usually don't prefer to use a cup when I drink cold beverages. I drink lots of full fat milk like a Japanese famous actor Yusaku Matsuda ( appeared in "Black Rain” directed by Sir Ridley scott ) in "Tantei Monogatari". I'm fond of milk very much like a baby. I noticed why I got so fat. I might have to use a cup or glass to measure how much I drink. What I want to say is that whole customs contains many meanings and fortunes. How about computing ? There is no rules in internetting. I hope that god made such a proper way to get valuable imformation.

susie said...

It would be great if experiences accumulate and my IQ and creativity increase. But as you said in the last line, it may not happen in some cases.

Anonymous said...

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